William and Kate’s mental health work criticised for failing to solve long waiting lists

EXCLUSIVE: The Prince and Princess of Wales are known for their ongoing support of those experiencing poor mental health, but one expert has suggested their campaigning has few tangible benefits.

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Kate and William are known for their ongoing support to those experiencing poor mental health (Image: GETTY)

The Prince and Princess of Wales‘s mental health work has come under fire for failing to solve long waiting lists that block many people from accessing the treatment they so desper.

The royal couple, who are known for their ongoing support of mental health and for campaigning heavily on the topic, have been criticised for the fact their work is not helping to provide extra measures for those experiencing poor mental health.

Today marks World Mental Health Day and is an annual day dedicated to raising awareness of mental health.

In honour of the day, William and Kate have announced that they plan to carry out various engagements this week.

Speaking to, Smriti Joshi, a lead psychologist at Wysa, said: “Awareness won’t solve the long waiting lists or systemic pressures, but it can provide a more comfortable and safe space for people to speak up and reach out for much needed help.”

But he conceded that their support of the issue is beneficial, and added: “We know that the main reasons for people not reaching out for help is stigma, and a lack of education.

“By seeing high profile people speaking up about their mental health, it [does] open up avenues for much needed discussion and mainstream discourse that can help alleviate a sense of embarrassment or shame.”

Bertand Stern-Gillet, who is the CEO for Health Assured, disagreed with Joshi’s criticism and believes the work of the Royal Family is vital in raising awareness.

kate and william on an engagement back in March

The latest survey was conducted by the Royal Foundation (Image: GETTY)

He said: “Breaking the ‘stigma’ surrounding mental health issues is a public discourse the Royal Family has increasingly taken the lead on in recent years, helping to drive the national conversation and encourage more people to talk openly about mental health.

“We applaud the work of the Royal Family who have been raising awareness about the issue of mental health through their flagship projects – Heads Together and The Archewell Foundation, as they come together to mark World Mental Health Day through a number of royal engagements.”

Laura Ellera, who is a neuroscientist and ICF accredited coach, also felt that the Royal Family’s work in promoting mental health is vital.

She told “As more people speak out about their experiences with mental health, not only does it make the sufferers feel more in control and able to speak their truth too, but it has the added bonus of normalising mental illnesses making it less ‘dangerous’ to other people’s nervous systems.

“And when that person who is speaking out happens to be the future King or Queen of England, not only do more people hear the message but it gives sufferers of mental illnesses somebody who is respected as a figurehead for their cause, normalising mental illnesses and championing proactive mental wellness.”

A new survey conducted by the Royal Foundation for World Mental Health Day stated that nearly 40 percent of young people felt they were struggling to manage their emotions. A staggering 95 percent stated that they believe their peers are struggling with mental health issues.

Across the pond, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expected to arrive in New York City later today, October 10.

The couple will host a key summit which will aim to raise awareness on how to make having an online presence a safer space for both parents and children. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will interact with parents who have experienced tragic losses in connection to social media.

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