Who Plays Tim Fleming on Heartland? Meet Chris Potter

Who Plays Tim Fleming on Heartland? Meet Chris Potter

With an acting career spanning over 30 years, Chris Potter has built up an impressive record in the film & television industry. He is also an accomplished director, musician, and father to four children.

Christopher Jay Potter is a Canadian actor, producer, and songwriter who plays Tim Fleming in the hit TV series Heartland. Potter was born in 1960 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as the son of an ex-football player.

While Chris Potter has had his fair share of prime-time television roles, his main project for the last decade has been working on the Heartland show.

In the series, Tim Fleming is the somewhat selfish but caring father of Amy and Lou Fleming. Even though he abandoned their mother because of his drinking problem, Tim later returns to be part of the family again.

Chris Potter Stats
Height: 6′ 1″ (1.85 m)
Nationality: Canadian
Born: August 23, 1960 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Boyfriend/Spouse Karen Potter (Married: 1985)
Net Worth: $2 Million
Star Sign: Virgo

Below, we answer common FAQs and bring you interesting facts about the actor Chris Potter, playing Tim Fleming in Heartland!

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Chris Potter’s passion for acting came later in life

Being the son of an ex-football player meant that Potter received plenty of support for his sports ambitions. As a schoolboy, he often played hockey, football, and baseball, aspiring to become a professional athlete one day. Besides his sporting activities, Potter was also involved with community theater.

Music was another one of Chris Potter’s early passions. Following his dream to become a rock musician, he left his college studies. He discovered his passion for acting through the theater and became a professional stage actor.

Before he made his debut on TV, Chris Potter also worked as a car and insurance salesman. “I’ve been lucky enough to have choices about the direction of my career,” shared Potter.

Tim Fleming and Amy Fleming on Heartland
Amy Fleming & Tim Fleming

Chris Potter is a Veteran of the Film & TV Industry

Chris Potter quit his day job when he received an offer for a role in Material World (1990–1992) from CBC. Before landing his first acting gig, Potter only appeared on TV as a commercial spokesman during the 1980s.

His first major role was playing Det. Peter Caine in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (1993-1997). Potter acted alongside his former mentor David Carradine, who was a veteran martial artist, actor, and singer at the time.

Generally, Potter has a flair for “edgy roles”. He’s known for appearing in The Pacifier (2005), X-Men (1992-1997), Queer as Folk (2000-2001), The Good Witch series, and many other prime-time TV shows.

So far, Chris Potter has built up an impressive portfolio of starring in over 450 episodes of various shows, 20 movies, 10 feature films, and playing the lead role in 8 TV series. While he’s also directed over 20 full episodes himself, his true passion has always been acting.

Chris Potter is an Award-Winning Actor

Chris Potter’s hard work in the film industry hasn’t gone unnoticed. With his work for the thriller Rocket’s Red Glare, he won Best Actor award in a Featured Drama at the New York Independent Film & Video Festival.

Potter also received a Gemini nomination for Best Performance in a Supporting Role for playing Tom Harsburgh in Sex Traffic, a rather provocative movie.

Chris Potter Didn’t Accept the Role of Tim Fleming at First

Chris Potter originally refused Tim Fleming’s role on Heartland when it was first offered to him by CBC. His agent wasn’t overly enthusiastic about the role either, especially since it wasn’t a lead.

However, his loyalty to the show over the years proves that Potter grew to enjoy playing his character and working with the rest of the cast. He describes the Heartland crew as a “well-oiled machine.”

During one of his interviews, Potter revealed that he plays Tim’s character as an antagonist in the Heartland universe. “He’s the kind of character who stirs up trouble, and people either hate him or love to hate him.”. He also didn’t want the show to be defined by two “alpha males” yelling at each other (referring to Tim and Jack).

Chris Potter credits Heartland’s longevity to the show’s executive producer Heather Conkie. According to Potter, she maintains a certain tone throughout the series and never deviates from it. She also uses the “slow burn” effect to the show’s advantage, meaning that progress and relationships take longer to develop.

Chris Potter is an Accomplished Director and Producer

“Directing television is not unlike being a father of four…” Potter says, “you get questions all day long, some of them are relevant, some of them are not… you have to keep marching forward.”

Chris Potter made his directorial debut in the 90’s with the crime drama Silk Stalkings, as a result of Stephen J. Cannell’s encouragement. He was the co-producer of The Good Witch Series, but couldn’t continue because of his commitments to Heartland.

Characters Shaun Bartlett, Tim Fleming, and Ty Borden on Heartland
Jack Bartlett, Tim Fleming, Ty Borden

In fact, Potter has also directed and wrote several Heartland episodes himself! Whenever asked, Potter is eager to talk about the logistical difficulties of directing a Heartland episode. The issue isn’t even with the animals, but the underage actors’ restricted hours, availability, the weather, and fitting it into the CBC budget.

Chris Potter is Also a Musician and Songwriter

Music has been one of Chris Potter’s greatest passions since childhood. As a high school kid, he was already playing in bands. Later he quit college to play in a band called Licks, and he also performed with a few accomplished London musicians.

Those who’ve talked to the actor in person know that, sooner or later, Chris will steer the subject towards music. He finds playing music especially comforting during tough times, and he often picks up his guitar whenever he feels stressed or anxious.

Chris Potter as a Family Man

Chris Potter married Karen Potter in 1985, and together they have 4 adult children. They reside in San Diego during the winter and London, Ontario during the summer.

Ever since becoming a father, Potter acts as a passion and as a means to provide for his family. He also donates his time, commitment, and support to various charities.

Potter never takes a job for granted as he knows that, eventually, every show will wrap up. It’s how the industry works. However, while he’s still at Heartland, he will give the show his best performance while also finding time to spend with his family.

Is Chris Potter still on Heartland?

Yes, Chris Potter is still on Heartland playing Tim Fleming. In the newest season, 14, his character’s role is to support Amy through tough times and help her move on.

Who does Tim Fleming marry on Heartland?

Tim Fleming married Jack’s daughter Marion Bartlett, who dies in a tragic accident in season 1, episode 1, “Coming Home.” After his rodeo injury, Tim and Marion’s marriage fell apart, and Tim left his family to bury himself in his drinking problem.

After many years, Tim returns to Heartland but is not very well received at first. He and Jack fight for many seasons before Jack finally accepts him as part of the family again.

Although Tim has an active dating life in the show, he never remarries.

What’s wrong with Tim on Heartland?

In season 11, Tim Fleming struggles with the fact that he might have brain cancer. The doctors have discovered a shadow on his brain during an MRI scan, which they said might or might not be a tumor.

Tim keeps his hospital appointments a secret from his family as he wants to stay strong on the outside. After a long time of dwelling on the thought of death, Tim’s shadow eventually turns out to be nothing.

Does Tim marry Miranda on Heartland?

No, Tim doesn’t marry Miranda on Heartland. Miranda Grenier is the mother of Shane, Tim’s biological son when he was on a break with Marion.

Although they attempted a relationship twice, Tim’s always had commitment issues that ended them. In season 8, episode 15, “Eclipse of the Heart,” Miranda marries her boyfriend. Tim tries to crash their wedding, but Jack convinces him not to.

Is Shane really Tim’s son on Heartland?

Yes, Shane really is Tim’s biological son on Heartland. He is introduced in season 4 and often comes to Heartland to spend time with the horses and his father’s family.

In season 5, Shane spends his summer vacation on Heartland, during which he gets to work with Cisco the racehorse. He and his mother live in Moose Jaw

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