Heartland Season 18 Ty Returns! How will Ty Return to the Show?

Heartland Season 18 Ty Returns! How will Ty Return to the Show?

Will Mallory and Jake be in Heartland season 17?

As a close friend of the family, we see Mallory on our screens a lot in the early seasons of Heartland. However, she relocates to Nashville, Tennessee when her dad wants to pursue his music career, and her appearance on the show is on and off after that. She returns to Heartland in the sixth season, but once her romantic storyline with Jake is solidified, the two move to Paris and become less prominent characters.

After seven seasons on the show, actress Jessica Amlee decided she was ready to move on. “When you play a character for so long… at the time I had played Mallory for 10 years… you do lose the border of where you are the character and where you are yourself,” Amlee told Entertainment Tonight on her departure. “I lost that boundary. I started thinking, ‘Who am I?’ I did have to go off and discover who I am.”

Although Mallory and Jake return to the series in season 10 for their wedding, and again in season 16 to say goodbye to Cooper, their appearances on the show are so sporadic that I doubt we’ll be seeing them again so soon. At this point, I’m not expecting them to show up in season 17, though it’s always possible.

Will Ashley be in Heartland season 17?

While she starts out as a villain on Heartland, Ashley Stanton transforms over the seasons into a character we’re sad to see leave the show. She and Amy are finally able to see eye to eye after Amy helps her out with horse show-jumping, and the rest is history. One of Ashley’s main storylines is her romance with Caleb Odell, a hand working at Heartland, and the two eventually get married.

Unfortunately, though, Ashley and Caleb don’t live happily ever after. We see less of Ashley as she grows up and goes off to law school, and her main storyline concludes in season 4. Though she does return for an episode in season 7, her appearance is short-lived.

Though some might still be holding out hope that Ashley and Caleb could reconcile, it doesn’t seem probable. And neither does Ashley’s return in Heartland season 17.

Will Casey be in Heartland season 17?

Tim and Casey shippers, look away! I know this one still hurts. Casey McMurtry is first introduced to us in Heartland season 8 as Amy’s father Tim’s love interest. Fans quickly took an interest in their relationship, seeing how the two characters brought the good out of the other. Casey’s the one who convinces Tim to start his rodeo school, and they seem to be end-game for a bit.

However, Tim makes the shocking choice to break up with Casey, telling her he doesn’t love her anymore. That lie doesn’t last for long, though, and he eventually admits that his decision has to do with his brain cancer scare. He doesn’t want her to go through another tragedy. The two split, and although Casey does return in season 13 for one episode, we don’t think there’s any reason to believe she’ll be back in season 17. It seems like that ship has sailed.

Will Finn be in Heartland season 17?

Actor Robert Cormier certainly made an impression on Heartland viewers when he was introduced in season 15, but tragically, the actor passed away in 2022 after suffering injuries due to a fall. He was only 33 years old. After his death, the series dedicated season 16 to him.

Cormier portrayed Finn Cotter in Heartland, the farrier who comes to the ranch with his grandfather and horse. It doesn’t take long for Finn and Amy to form a bond, and fans had been hoping for a romance between the two characters.

While it’s possible Heartland season 17 could feature old footage of Finn through flashbacks, we shouldn’t expect him to appear in the new season as filming began after his passing. May Cormier rest in peace.

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