Heartland Season 17 Major Plot Leak: Amy Marries Again!

Heartland Season 17 Major Plot Leak: Amy Marries Again!

Heartland Season 17 behind-the-scenes footage shows us a newly flourishing relationship: Amy and Edwin! Watch our video to see what is happening in Amy’s love life! Do you like Edwin? Would you want to see him in a relationship with Amy?

I have watched Heartland season 1 through 13 at least 15 times. I find it to be an hour mixed with a little escape/fantasy and lot of reality. Amy losing Ty, her husband unexpectedly (that’s a reality). I and so many others can relate. You may / may never move on to another love either is okay. As long as you are moving forward. Amy seems to be moving forward with her raising her daughter, working her craft, integrating with family. She gets up in the morning (that’s an accomplishment). Give her a break. Again, Heartland gave us the Ty and Amy romance (kind of a fantasy) Heartland also gave us Ty and Amy the loss (Reality). At the end of the day its really not about what others want to see for you (even though they mean well. Its what you would like to see for yourself.


Don’t want Amy and Edwin . It’s heartbreaking and so disappointing. Love surpasses all obstacles . Bring Ty back

Edwin will never take the place of Ty in Amy’s heart ❤️ I said before that if you write out the memories of Ty Heartland will end. Please stop this oppression of a man for Amy. She needs to be more involved with teaching than her and Ty’s sweet daughter Lyndy her trade! Amy is like her mother Marion her heart will always belong to Ty now and forever ❤



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