Heartland season 17 episode 8 release date and time, where to watch, and more

Heartland season 17 episode 8 airs this Saturday. (Photos via YouTube/Scribe Information)

Heartland season 17 episode 8 is scheduled to hit CBC and CBC Gem on November 19, 2023, at 7 pm NT. Titled Harmony, the new episode will focus on Logan, Caleb, Lou, and Jessica.

Logan finally will realize what his calling is while Caleb Evans Odell will be conflicted regarding his son Carson, thanks to his former wife. Meanwhile, Lou Fleming, who captured most of episode 7, looks stressed due to a forthcoming business venture.

This means that the budding relationship between Amy Fleming and Nathan Pryce Jr, one of the main arcs for the past few episodes, will not be the prime focus in the upcoming episode of the famed Canadian family drama.

Heartland season 17 episode 8 is not available anywhere outside Canada for now

Where to watch the show

As mentioned above, Heartland season 17 episode 8 will hit CBC and CBC Gem on November 19, 2023, at 7 pm NT. As with all previous episodes, Harmony too will be broadcast exclusively in Canada. For viewers outside the North American country, Netflix is one of the viable options. However, reports suggest that season 17 will not hit the streamer before 2025.

However, for those in the United States, there are options like the cable network Up TV and its streaming service Up Faith & Family. Up TV and Up Faith & Family may host season 17 in May or June of 2024, while Netflix US may stream season 16 around that time. The same applies in the case of Netflix France.

Thus, Netflix viewers in France and the US will likely have to wait till 2025 to catch Heartland season 17.

The TV series is also available on Hulu (14 seasons), DirecTV (16 seasons), The Roku Channel (14 seasons), and The CW (14 seasons), among others.

The plot of Heartland season 17 episode 8

The synopsis of the upcoming episode reads:

“Amy helps a vaulting team ahead of a big competition; Caleb struggles with a tough decision about Carson; Logan realizes where his future lies; Lou and Jessica face a stressful gallery opening.”

As per the materials available, it seems Caleb’s former wife got a job in Kelowna, so he fears losing his son Carson. We may see him make a difficult decision, which may take him away from Amy. Meanwhile, Amy Fleming’s horse-handling skills will be at play in the next episode as she aids a vaulting team and trains them before a competition.

Logan, introduced in season 15, finally understands his true calling while Lou, who found a much-needed closure in the previous episode, is set to cut a part of the gallery and turn it into a cafe, with Jessica as company.

Reportedly penned by Murray Shostak, Heartland season 17 episode 8 will have a lot of secondary arcs going. From episode 9, the emphasis might be back on Nathan Pryce Jr. and Amy Fleming’s relationship, given how Caleb is visibly getting out of the picture.

Heartland, based on Lauren Brooke’s book series, follows two sisters Amy and Lou Fleming, and their lives on their Alberta-based titular family ranch. Their bonds with their grandfather, father, and other characters form the rest of the story.

Heartland season 17 episode 8, titled Harmony, will hit CBC and CBC Gem on November 19, 2023, at 7 pm NT.

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