General Hospital Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (August 22 to September 1, 2023): Valentin Is Under The Scanner, Chase Proposes Brook Lynn

General Hospital Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (August 21 to September 1, 2023) reveal that many couples will experience storms and upheavals in their relationship. A good deed by Sonny might put Drew’s life on the line. Elsewhere, Dex, too, might suffer the same fate. Meanwhile, Cody will take a drastic step to reach Sasha. Speaking of Sasha, she might soon get a savior that could actually pry Gladys off her back. Hint: it’s not Cody! So keep reading to find out who it really is.

General Hospital Spoilers (August 21-25, 2023): Carly Meets Drew, Anna Spies On Valentin

Drew Cain has really been low on luck off-late on General Hospital. From getting ratted out to SEC, to taking the fall alone for him and Carly, to getting an extra-hard sentence. He really has been getting the short end of everything. Unfortunately, it looks like the sun won’t be shining down on him anytime soon. Sonny will pull some strings and get him out of solitary and facilitate a meeting between him and Carly. Sadly, getting back to the mix of gen-pop will put him in some imminent danger. Will Drew be able to keep himself safe?

General Hospital
GH/ Drew and Carly talk

Elsewhere, Anna will continue to get more and more suspicious of Valentin Cassadine. General Hospital spoilers for August 21-25, 2023, tease that in the upcoming episodes, Anna will snoop around Valentin’s stuff to find clues. She will check his briefcase, hoping to find the documents that Martin gave to him, perhaps something related to Pikeman. Incidentally, Valentin will return and catch Anna in an awkward position. Seeing her acting “off”, Valentin, too, will get suspicious of what Anna is up to.

Joss Worries For Dex, Jake Returns Home

General Hospital spoilers reveal that in the upcoming episodes, Dex will land in some unlikely circumstances while carrying out Sonny’s orders. Sonny has been brainstorming with Brick, trying to find a way to expose Betty, Mason, and their boss. Thus, he might put Dex on their tail. But one thing will lead to another, and Dex will start to worry that his cover has been blown. This will greatly worry him, and he won’t be able to shake off the thoughts. Joss will notice Dex’s fears and get extremely worried about him and his safety.

GH/ Joss worries for Dex

Meanwhile, Liz will get a surprise when her son Jake returns home. Some General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Jake will be seen sharing the screen with Liz and Austin. Furthermore, the spoilers spill that Liz and Austin will be tending to a patient. We wonder if the two spoilers are connected and Jake is actually the patient! Perhaps he will sustain some injury that may need some medical attention. Hopefully it won’t be anything to serious. Stay tuned to the upcoming episodes to find out more!

General Hospital Spoilers (August 28- September 1, 2023): Nina Makes Shocking Discovery, Lucy Corners Martin

Ever since Sonny discovered Ava’s secret, he has been really busy trying to clean up the mess. But it is also something that he is keeping from Nina. General Hospital spoilers reveal that during the week of August 28-September 1, 2023, she will put Sonny on the hot seat and demand to know what he is hiding from her. But will he really tell her the truth yet? Thankfully, Nina will soon get distracted when she stumbles upon a discovery of her own. She will find some evidence against the shady schemes Gladys and Dr. Montague are making against Sasha. Will Nina be able to stop them?

General Hospital
GH/ Nina stumbles upon some clues

Elsewhere, Lucy, too, will put Martin on the hot seat at General Hospital. He, too, has been keeping several secrets these days. He is very well in the know that it was actually Nina who ratted Carly and Drew. Moreover, he has some intel about Valentin’s ties with Pikeman. And then there is also the case of the money train connecting him to his third wife. So which one of these secrets do you think Martin will confess to Lucy? That is if he confesses at all!

Chase Proposes Brook Lynn, Cody Makes A Risky Move

General Hospital spoilers tease that in the upcoming episodes Chase will make a proposal to Brook Lynn. Now this could have to do with many things but going by the fact that Gregory has been pushing them toward marriage, Chase might actually pop the question. Gregory’s ALS is getting worse

by the day, and the symptoms are getting harder to control and hide. Thus, there is a chance that Chase might find out the heartbreaking update about his health. In light of that, he might decide to carry out Gregory’s wish of him getting married. But will Brook Lynn get on the same page and accept?


General Hospital
GH/ Will Brook Lynn accept Chase’s proposal?

Elsewhere, Cody will remain determined to find a way to get to Sasha at Ferncliff. All of his previous attempts have gone to waste due to Gladys and Dr. Montague stone-walling him on General Hospital. However, during the week of August 28- September 1, 2023, he will decide to make a rather bold move. He will plan to get himself committed to Ferncliff in order to make it easier for him to stay close to Sasha. Thus, he might put up some crazy act in the upcoming episodes. But will his plan really work out? Well, we will have to wait and find out.

General Hospital spoilers also reveal that Selina Wu might also have some plans of her own. Unfortunately, they won’t be as noble as Cody’s. She will try to take over Savoy in Curtis’ absence. Thankfully, Marshall Ashford will step in and do his best to keep Curtis’ club safe from Selina’s clutches. But will he manage to keep her away for good? Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on that!

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